How to paste the wallpaper?

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How to paste the wallpaper?

Removal of the wall skin: remove the original paint and other objects on the wall, use gypsum powder to fill the cracked part of the wall, and apply a bandage after leveling; if it is a sandy gray wall or a partition wall, it should be covered with glass cloth Or indeed good cloth; some poor-quality partitions or external walls need to be nailed with plasterboard to achieve the thermal insulation effect

Cut the wallpaper: measure the height of the wall first, and then cut the length of the wallpaper. There are two situations: do not match the flower wallpaper and cut it by about 5 to 8 cm according to the height of the wall. It is used for top and bottom trimming: the symmetry of the pattern needs to be considered for the flower wallpaper Therefore, the cutting length should be increased according to the actual situation, usually by 8 to 10 cm.

Applying glue: apply the wallpaper glue to the back of the cut wallpaper with a brush, pay special attention to the surrounding edges must be covered with glue to ensure the construction quality, the coated wallpaper, the glued surface should be folded and placed 5- 10 minutes (note that no external force should be applied to avoid creases on the wallpaper, especially the cloth). After the glue is completely penetrated into the bottom of the paper, it can be posted. Each time, paint several wallpapers and post them in order.

Wallpaper construction: Generally, the first wallpaper is posted on the door or inside corner from top to bottom. Use a scraper to smooth the wallpaper from top to bottom, from inside to outside, and squeeze out bubbles and excess glue to make the wallpaper flat. Close to the wall.

Before wallpapering, turn off the power: When wallpapering, if you encounter a place on the wall with a power switch or socket, you can turn off the main power first, then cover all power sources and sockets with the wallpaper, and cut out two pairs from the center of gravity. The corner line will show four small triangles, and then use a utility knife to remove the excess wallpaper around

Trimming and cleaning: Cut off the excess wallpaper at the upper and lower ends, and the knife edge should be sharp to avoid burrs. When cutting some wall coverings, it is best to use a Japanese imported blade that sells for 1.5 yuan a piece. Then use a sponge soaked in water to completely wipe the glue remaining on the surface of the wallpaper to prevent the wallpaper from turning yellow. After the wallpaper is dry, if bubbles are found on the surface, cut with a knife to inject the glue and flatten it to eliminate it (use a syringe to change good).

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How to paste the wallpaper?

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