Established in 2005, our factory started with producing PVC Ceiling and Wall Panels, is professional

China PVC ceiling panels manufacturers and wholesale PVC panels factory

, aiming to provide our customers products and service. After 10 years’ development, we have owned 4 big factories: Haining Halong PVC Ceiling Factory, Haining Longtime Film Factory, Guangxi PVC Wall Panel Factory, Pakistan PVC Ceiling Factory.

Main Products: PVC Ceiling Panels,PVC Wall Panels, Hot Stamping Foil, PVC Lamination Film, SPC Flooring, PVC Self Adhesive Wallpaper and other related products. Annual Sales can be 28 million USD.

  • 15Y

    Since 2005

  • 30,000

    Construction Area

  • 50+

    Sales Countries

  • 100



Our company is mainly engaged in PVC lamination film and hot stamping foil production and sales, which is used for PV wall panels, pvc ceiling panel, PVC door panels, PvE marble sheets, PvE foam boards, WPC.MDF, gypsum board, and so on. As the pioneer of the building decoration industry, our company has more than 10 years’ experience which has good partners of clients all around the world, such as

Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Egypt,Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka Viet Net.




Why Longtime

  • As the pioneer of the building decoration industry, our company has more than 10 years’ experience which have good partner of clients all around the world,such as Iran,Turkey,Ukraine,India,Pakistan,Egypt,Azerbaijian,Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan,Sri Lanka,Viet Net.We uphold the principle “Only high quality can win the future”.
  • We have good work team for quality control.
  • We have many machine production line, 24 hours working, fast delivery time.
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  • Can be stored for one year. Can be used for more than 10 years. With scratch resistance and more than 3000designs.
  • We use Korean ink which is high quality, colorful and anti-scratch and anti sunshine.
  • We can control every order color same as customer requirement, no have color difference.
  • Our raw materials are produced by ourselves, which we can control good quality.
  • We can customized products, VIP designs for you only.
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