What are the types of decorative wall panels?

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What are the types of decorative wall panels?

1.Solid wood board
As the name suggests, solid wood panels are wood panels made of complete wood. These boards are durable and have natural textures, making them the best choice for decoration. However, due to the high cost of such panels and the high requirements for construction technology, they are not used much in decoration. Solid wood boards are generally classified according to the actual name of the board, and there is no unified standard specification.

2. Splint
Plywood, also known as plywood, is commonly known as thin core board in the industry. It is formed by hot pressing of three or more layers of one millimeter thick veneer or sheet glue. It is currently the most commonly used material for handmade furniture. Splints are generally divided into six specifications of 3 cm, 5 cm, 9 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm and 18 cm (1 cm is 1mm).

3. Decorative panel
Decorative panels, commonly known as panels. It is a decorative board with single-sided decoration made by precision slicing of solid wood board into a thin veneer with a thickness of about 0.2mm. It is a special way in which the splint exists, with a thickness of 3 centimeters. Decorative panels are currently a high-level decoration material that is different from mixed oil practices.

4. Blockboard
Blockboard, commonly known as big core board in the industry. The big core board is made of two pieces of veneer glued and spliced ​​in between. The price of a large core board is cheaper than that of a thin core board, and its vertical (differentiated by the core material direction) flexural and compressive strength is poor, but the transverse flexural and compressive strength is higher.

5. Density board
Density board, also called fiberboard. It is an artificial board made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives. According to its density, it is divided into high-density board, medium-density board, and low-density board. Due to its softness and impact resistance, MDF is also easy to reprocess.

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What are the types of decorative wall panels?

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