What are the advantages of integrated wall panels?

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What are the advantages of integrated wall panels?

1. Heat preservation and heat insulation
The thermal insulation efficiency tested by the national authority exceeds the current national standards. The temperature difference between the installation room and the ordinary board installation room is 7 degrees; the difference is 10 degrees compared with the paint, which is the best wall decoration in the hot summer in the south and the cold winter in the north. Material. This product has a unique thermal insulation performance, which completely solves the sun exposure on the top floor when the product is applied to the balcony, sun room and top floor space of the villa. Achieving obvious energy-saving effects is also an energy-saving decorative material that the country vigorously advocates.

2. Sound insulation
The sound insulation of 29 decibels has been tested by the national authority, which is equivalent to the sound insulation of a solid wall. For example, it can be used in the bathroom to obviously solve the water sound of the sewer pipe. It can also be applied to various soundproof rooms in factories.

3. Fire prevention
It has been tested by the national authority department to reach the level of B1, which basically meets the fire protection requirements of the project.

4. Super hardness
This product is a composite of bamboo and wood fiber that is pressed at high temperature to increase the strength and hardness of the product, and it can be used on various protective walls.

5. Waterproof and moisture-proof
This product has moisture-proof performance and is especially suitable for southern decoration. Especially it solves the wall leakage of southern home decoration and mold decoration.

6. Green and environmental protection
The raw materials used on the surface of this product are all environmentally friendly materials. The installed room is environmentally friendly and tasteless. If the room is decorated as a whole, there will be no painting process. This solves the decoration material time and paint smell. If you install it today, you can move in tomorrow, which greatly saves time.

7. Easy to install
This product adopts the traditional gusset installation method in the design, which greatly solves the cumbersome installation of other aluminum plates, and it does not require professionals and ordinary woodworkers can install it. It can be installed directly on the rough wall, saving labor and time. , And save space.

8. Easy to scrub without deformation
The surface of the product is strong and can be directly scrubbed with a cloth, which completely solves the problem of difficult scrubbing of decoration products. The polyurethane compound technology used in this product can achieve the effect of no deformation and no aging after the product is formed.

9. Fashion space
This product can be applied to multiple functions, and can be directly buckled, stitched, docked and other dream combinations.

10. Save space
The protective wall of this product can be directly installed on the wall with screws without a base frame, which can save space at least 5-10 cm in thickness.

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What are the advantages of integrated wall panels?

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