The versatility of wood grain pvc film?

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The versatility of wood grain pvc film?

Wood grain pvc film is a specific form of wood grain film, which is a multi-purpose decorative material type compounded by PVC and other materials, and is widely used in household appliances, interior decoration, etc. In general, we stick PVC wood grain film on plastic boards, wood boards and other boards to give people a real wood feeling, so as to get a good decorative effect, so PVC wood grain film is a very easy to use of decorative materials.
For PVC wood grain film, it is widely used in various door industries, furniture, decoration and packaging industries by virtue of its advantages of structural innovation, process innovation, complete variety and good quality, and has been unanimously sought after by consumers. In addition, PVC wood grain film also has a strong paint surface, not easy to wear, not easy to deform, not easy to crack. The color and texture are evenly distributed, there is no chromatic aberration, and the appearance is beautiful; the moisture-proof performance is good, and the furniture is not easily deformed in wet places; the flexibility is strong, and the styles can be changed; high resource utilization rate, good process performance, convenient for mass processing, and low production cost; Features bright, coordinated colors that sync with the most fashionable designs.
In order to better meet the user's requirements for home decoration, we have stipulated the main parameters of PVC wood grain film, which is convenient for users to purchase. The main parameters are as follows:
Thickness 0.12-0.50mm
Width 1250mm, 1400mm (can also be customized according to customer requirements, the range is between 200-1600mm)
Weight 70-90kg/roll
Packaging: The inner layer is a paper tube with an inner diameter of 76mm, and the outer layer is packed with foam film and kraft paper, each weighing about 70-90kg (special specifications may vary).

PVC Lamination Film
Thickness: 0.12mm-0.3mm
Width: 1130mm, 1260mm, 1280mm, 1350mm
Function: For PVC panel, PVC wall panel, ceiling, PVC marble sheet, PVC foam board, MDF, WPC
The versatility of wood grain pvc film?

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