How to select Wood Grain PVC Film Factory?

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How to select Wood Grain PVC Film Factory?

Decorative paper is produced by printing, coating and laminating three to four colors of plastic particles. Then, it is cut to the size of the final surface. This type of film has the properties of strong corner wrapping and moisture resistance. It is used in cabinets, wall panels, and home appliances. It is also used as a protective film for furniture.
The wood grain series PVC decorative film is a kind of high-grade decorative film. It has a rich pattern, natural color, and anti-corrosion. It is durable and easy to clean. It can be applied to kitchen cabinet, interior door, and window. It is very popular and widely used. The wood grain series PVC film is mainly used for furniture decoration.The 3D wood grain PVC film has many advantages. It is environmentally friendly and can be applied to all kinds of surfaces.
Lamination film
Using PVC wood grain lamination film is a good choice to decorate and protect furniture surfaces. This high-quality film is easy to use, and it has several advantages. One of them is that it can help you save time, money and energy. It is also eco-friendly, and can pass EU standards.
It can be used on various surfaces, including particle boards, doors, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and more. It is durable, and has a real-wood touch feel. In addition, it is available in solid colors and glossy finishes. It is also qualified by SGS and ISO.
It can be decorated by heat pressing. It is easy to cut, paste and glue. It is also non-conductive and has good weather resistance. It can be applied to a board by a stick machine.
Various applications of wood grain pvc film have been developed. These include: laminated foam materials, hand paste, vacuum blisters and wrapping. The applications of this type of film are widely used in furniture panels, cabinet skins, and the surface finishing of doors and speakers.
To improve the thermal stability of composite plywood laminates, appropriate pretreatment of PVC films is essential. This can avoid local overheating and mass loss. It also can accelerate the heat transfer rate and generate PVC films adhesion to veneers. This can significantly reduce the drying cost and help in energy conservation.
In order to ensure full melting of PVC films during hot pressing, it is essential to understand the temperature profile of the process. To determine the specific temperature, the thickness of the composites and the duration of pressing time must be taken into account.

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How to select Wood Grain PVC Film Factory?

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