Analysis of the advantages of ecological wood wall panels?

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Analysis of the advantages of ecological wood wall panels?

1. Ecological wood wall panels have very good environmental performance. The board is anti-ultraviolet, non-radiation, antibacterial, free of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances, in line with national environmental protection standards and European standards.
2. The stability of ecological wood wall panels is strong. Ecological wood wall panels can be used for a long time in outdoor environments with large changes in climate and form, without deterioration, embrittlement and performance. Anti-insect, anti-termite, effectively eliminate pest harassment and prolong service life. It can effectively flame retardant and fireproof grade reaches B1 level, and it will self-extinguish in case of fire without producing any toxic gas.
 3. Ecological wood wall panels are safe products. Ecological wood wallboard has the characteristics of high water resistance, strong impact resistance, and can be used in water for a long time without cracking. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easy to rot, expand and deform after absorbing water in a humid and watery environment, and also saves maintenance costs in the later period.
4. Due to its excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and thermal insulation, ecological wood exterior wall panels can adapt to environments and forms with large climate changes for a long time. It combines the natural texture of natural wood with superior performance. It is suitable for all kinds of places to show natural beauty and pursue personalization.
What is the price of ecological wood wall panels
 1. The price of ordinary ecological wood indoor Great Wall board is as low as 40 yuan/square meter to 80 yuan/square meter. The price per square meter of this product depends on its product size, or unit square product volume, that is, unit material. Taking the Little Great Wall as an example, the price of about 40 yuan per square meter should be able to achieve better quality, and this price is the normal price.
 2. The price of the Great Wall board of the ecological wood exterior wall is slightly higher. Regular Great Wall boards are very successful indoors, but some treatment must be done when using them outdoors. At present, there are few domestic manufacturers with mature outdoor treatment technology. The number of ecological wood outdoor treatment products will increase. Prices range from 10% to 30%, eliminating differences in treatment levels. Generally, it is about 50 yuan to 110 yuan per square meter.
3. The price of ecological wood ceilings, ceilings made of ecological wood, are divided into two types of ceilings made of special ceilings. Such specifications range from 4 yuan per meter to about 10 yuan, and the keel is generally 3 yuan per meter. The ceiling per square meter is 30 to 50 yuan per square meter. The second is the shape made of indoor wall panels such as Great Wall panels, which are generally more beautiful, of course, the cost will be higher, and there is loss, generally 40 yuan per square to 80 yuan per square.
 4. The price of ecological wood outdoor landscape, landscape materials generally require high stability, weather resistance, and service life requirements, so the corresponding product price will be more expensive, of course, the corresponding quality requirements are also relatively high. The price of ecological wood garden materials is generally above 130 yuan / square meter. In addition, the price of outdoor pavilions will be more expensive, and the price of a 10-square-meter pavilion is about 30,000 yuan/square meter.

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Analysis of the advantages of ecological wood wall panels?

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